To reclaim this word and it's personal meaning, we look toward the magnificent women in our lives, our mothers and friends, our sisters and grandmothers. Many of them are wives and they give the title a meaning far beyond nuptial command. The meaning of wife is as a vibrant nurturer, a partner, and an independent human who invents daily a connection to life. A wife is curator and guardian to exceptional spaces. WIFE is by its very essence a creative position.

WIFE is founded on the principle that humans and especially women are free, creative forces. Together, we weave a creative union that is vivid and nurturing. Being independent is not a solitary quest, it is a collaborative journey into community and engagement. WIFE is a title for a human who cultivates this collaboration and is brave enough to play many roles in the modern theatre of the absurd. WIFE is a nurturer of ideas and a passionate lover.